I love quotes, but I frequently get frustrated looking for one to fit a particular situation because most quote sites contain dozens (even hundreds) of categories with thousands of quotes - most of which are not at all what I am looking for. I have wasted so much time skimming giant quote sites looking for the one I needed. I started Quotes for Teachers in hopes of offering another option.

A Little about Quotes for Teachers

As you may have noticed, categories are grouped. Rather than having separate listings for say, Perseverance,  DeterminationSuccess and Achievement, I put them together since quotes for these topics tend to overlap. This means that not all the quotes in this category will contain the word, "success", but they will all have something do with the concept of success.

While there are hundreds of quotes on this site, there are not tens of thousands. I did not copy and paste every quote I found on a given subject. Rather, I selectively choose quotes that I thought would be applicable to classroom use (and in a few cases, I just chose ones that I thought were really, really good).

Further, every quote is appropriate for children. You can safely allow students to search this site without worrying they will find something you don't want them to see - no inappropriate language and no references to sex or excessive violence. There is also no religious content. In addition, I tended toward quotes that are short and easy to understand and tried to stay away from overly flowery, complicated, or archaic language.

You have probably also noticed that there are links to product pages for teacher resources that I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. I would of course, be thrilled if you checked them out. In addition to resources that are for sale, I also have a plethora of free offerings. You can find them on the "Free Stuff for Teachers" tab. If you are interested in selling your own teaching materials, there is a tab for that as well.

I hope you will find this site useful. Please tell your friends (facebook, twitter, you know the drill) and consider following my facebook page. I do lots of free giveaways.

PS: If you have a quote that totally needs to be on this site, please share it with me. I plan to continually update this site with new quotes!
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